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There are many reasons why visitors might feel the need to get in touch with us, and naturally we want to hear from you and help you with your enquiry, no matter what that might be.

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We are also open to suggestions. If you would like to suggest or request we do something that may enhance our website, or request an article topic, please let us know. No guarantees, but we will try our best.

The Internet is already full of misinformation, disinformation, and falsehoods, so we don’t want to contribute any further to that arena. In fact, when researching, we come across so much fiction dressed up as facts, it’s not surprising that people get confused.

At Heads Don’t Bounce, when articles are submitted for publication, any statistics or ‘facts’ are fact-checked before they can be accepted for publication. If a ‘fact’ is mentioned only in a random weblog, then that is not considered to be fact-checked. If the random weblog were to say, “according to the University of XYZ”, then we will try to track down the source at the University of XYZ. It only becomes a ‘fact’ when we find the true and credible source.

However, despite our best intentions, sometimes there are errors or corrections needed, so if you notice anything that doesn’t ring true, please bring it to our attention so we can make any necessary corrections.

Please email us at ‘fact_checker<at>’ or use the Contact Form below.

We often receive emails from freelance writers offering to write for us, and that’s a good thing! However, you will need more than just a desire to be published. You will need to actually bring something to the table in the form of expertise related to what this website is about.

If you can write creative, fact based, human written content, then we’d love to hear from you! If you are interested in writing for us, you can use the Contact Form below or send an email to ‘writers<at>’.

If your company has an affiliate marketing program that includes Helmets or protective headgear, then please get in touch with details of your program. (Sorry, we don’t do bicycles, only helmets – all kinds of helmets!)

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