Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads

For some people, finding a motorcycle helmet that fits their big, over-sized head, is like winning the lottery. Sometimes you get close, but not quite close enough, and other times it’s never going to fit even if you were to cover your head with grease or vaseline.

In an attempt to make life a little better for those who are looking for a large motorcycle helmet, we present an ever-updating list of large size motorcycle helmets that are greater than 64 cm (24¼”) in size.

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IMPORTANT: Be sure to measure your head size before ordering, as a 3XL or 4XL of one brand may be a completely different measurement to another brand’s 3XL or 4XL. Size measurements given below come directly from the manufacturers’ websites.

Before you do anything else, measure your head size carefully. Wherever possible try to measure in centimeters as it can be more accurate. If you’re not sure how to measure for a motorcycle helmet, see our guide “How To Know Your Helmet Size” for written and video instructions. (Follow the link, then scroll down to see the video).

When buying a helmet online, decide which helmet you want first. Next, find a local dealer who has that same helmet available in your size. Try it on to confirm the size you need. Take note of the price. Go home and check the online price. More often than not the price will be cheaper online. Place your order.

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(If you have no local dealer and you’re buying from Amazon, you will see some items say ‘Free Returns’, meaning it costs you nothing to return an item. Some people will order, say, the 3XL and the 4XL, try them on then return the one that doesn’t fit.)

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Availability Of Large Size Motorcycle Helmets

Availability of large size motorcycle helmets can change from one day to the next. If it’s a 3x motorcycle helmet that you’re looking for, or even 4x motorcycle helmets, then you will find several leading brands available in the lists below.

As the helmet size increases, the availability decreases. 5x motorcycle helmets are usually available but sometimes you may need to come back a few days later due to lack of stock or supply-chain issues. Finding a 6x motorcycle helmet is almost like looking for hen’s teeth, but not quite. Vega has a 6x size helmet listed below, but it is often unavailable. :( Keep trying!

Motorcycle Helmets Up To 70 cm (27½ inches)
+++HJC Motorcycle Helmets
+++VEGA Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle Helmets Up To 68.6 cm (27 inches)
+++Daytona Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle Helmets Up To 68 cm (26¾ inches)
+++ZOX Motorcycle Helmets
+++Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycle Helmets Up To 70 cm (27½ inches)

HJC Motorcycle Helmets

With almost five decades of experience behind it, HJC knows a thing or two about the motorcycle helmet industry. That is probably why they are the number 1 brand in North America.

HJC has been one of the leaders in larger size helmets for many years now and has 5X-Large sized helmets available in several helmet models in both Full-Face and Modular styles.

HJC Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric Hat Size
3X-Large 25⅝” – 26″ 65 – 66 cm 8⅛ – 8¼
4X-Large 26⅜” – 26¾” 67 – 68 cm 8⅜ – 8½
5X-Large 27¼” – 27⅝” 69 – 70 cm 8⅝ – 8¾

The HJC CL-17 Solid helmet is constructed from advanced polycarbonate for added strength. It features a scratch-resistant face-shield which is pinlock ready for the ultimate anti-fogging system. Internal channeling allows excellent air-flow from front to rear removing heat and humidity build-up.

The HJC i90 modular helmet offers exceptional value for a flip-up helmet. Available up to 5X-Large makes for another great choice for riders looking for a larger helmet. This DOT-approved helmet has a centered, single button, one-touch flip front release system, and is even prescription glasses friendly. The liner and cheek pads are completely removable and washable.

The HJC i90 is also designed to accept the Smart HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communication system which was developed in conjunction with Sena (the Bluetooth experts).

Name Size Range Helmet Type Certification Price Range Approx.
HJC CL-17 Full Face helmet
Full-Face DOT < $150 3.9 lbs.
1.75 Kg
HJC i90
HJC i90 Modular helmet
Modular DOT $150 – $200 4 lbs.
1.8 Kg
HJC CL-X7 Off-road helmet
Off-Road DOT ±150 3.9 lbs.
1.75 Kg

The above HJC helmets are all available from Amazon on the links below.
HJC CL-17 Solid 3X-Large Red/Black.
HJC i90 Modular 3X-Large, 4X-Large, 5X-Large (Stone Grey), 5X-Large Black.
HJC CL-X7 Off-Road 3X-Large Matte Black, 4X-Large Matte Black.
HJC CL-X7 Off-Road 5X-Large Matte Black, 5X-Large Black.

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VEGA Motorcycle Helmets

Vega are renown for their extra large helmets, yet sometimes those larger sizes are hard to come by. Meanwhile, we do have several 3X-Large Vega helmets to offer for now, though they too can become ‘Temporarily out of stock’. In which case it is possible to place an order in anticipation of that helmet coming available in the not too distant future.

Also, keep an eye open for the larger sizes as they do come by from time to time.

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The Vega RS1 Full Face helmet is actually an off-road helmet, but as it has both DOT and ECE certification you can use it as a road helmet if you want. The RS1 is extremely lightweight, has adjustable ventilation, and the EPS liner comes ready for installation of communications speakers. Not a bad helmet for a tad under $120.

The Vega Caldera 2 Modular Helmet‘s larger shield gives a clearer field of vision while also removing that closed-in feeling you get with some helmets. It comes with both DOT and ECE certification and is pre-designed to fit most brands of Bluetooth speakers.

Vega recommends that you measure your head size in centimeters for optimum accuracy.

Vega Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric Hat Size
3X-Large 25½” – 26″ 65 – 66 cm 8⅛ – 8¼
4X-Large 26¼” – 26¾” 67 – 68 cm 8⅜ – 8½
5X-Large 27″ – 27½” 69 – 70 cm 8⅝ – 8¾
6X-Large 27¾” – 28¼” 71 – 72 cm 8⅞ – 9

The polycarbonate shell is aerodynamically designed for reduced noise and less drag on the rider’s head. The flip-front button is easily handled while wearing gloves, and the locking system is lined for secure closure.

Three adjustable intake vents align with inner channeling on the EPS liner and one rear exhaust vent for maximum air flow. The interior Comfort Tech Wic-Dri lining makes for a very comfortable fit and is completely removable and replaceable.
Online reviews attest to the Vega Caldera 2’s great fit and comfort.

Name Size Available Helmet Type Certification Price Range Approx.
Vega Caldera 2
Vega Caldera 2 Modular helmet
3X-Large Modular DOT, ECE < $170 3.7 lb.
1.6 Kg
Vega RS1
Vega RS1 Full Face helmet
3X-Large Full Face DOT, ECE < $120 unknown

The Vega Caldera 2 is available on Amazon for less than 150 USD. Check the link.
Vega Caldera 2 Modular Helmet 3XL Black, 3XL White
Vega RS1 Full Face Helmet 3XL Red, 3XL Black, 3XL Blue

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Motorcycle Helmets Up To 68.6 cm (27 inches)

Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

Daytona has a wide range of helmets for the motorcyclist with a larger head. If you ever wanted to make a statement as a biker, then wearing a Daytona helmet would be more than any words could ever possibly say.

Daytona Helmets boast the lightest DOT approved motorcycle helmets, as well as the smallest DOT 1/2 shell helmet. For the larger head size we’re looking for the 3X-Large and the 4X-Large. Be sure to measure your head size before ordering as a 3XL or 4XL of one brand may be a completely different measurement to another brand!

Daytona Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric Hat Size
3X-Large 25⅛” – 26″ 63.8 – 66 cm 8 – 8 2/7
4X-Large 26⅛” – 27″ 66.4 – 68.6 cm 8 1/3 – 8 3/5

If you ever wanted a unique helmet, then you’re looking for the Daytona SKull Cap without visor. Definitely a great little helmet for getting around town or highway cruising. It’s DOT approved, and can be had for a very reasonable price too.

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If you want a little more coverage but would still like a lightweight helmet, then look no further than the Daytona Cruiser ¾ Shell. A neat little number with comfortable lining and visually appealing at the same time. It comes with a snap-on visor which can be easily removed.

The Daytona Modular is a great helmet for those who want the option of a full-face as well as an open-face at the click of a button. Modular helmets are super convenient when you want to chat with your buddy, take a quick drink, or fill the gas tank without needing to remove your helmet. Not to forget the Daytona Glide Modular are affordable and DOT approved!

Name Sizing Helmet Type Certification Price Range Approx.
Skull Cap
W/O Visor
Daytona Half shell Skull Cap
Half Shell DOT $60  – $175 2 lbs.
0.9 Kg
Daytona Cruiser ¾ Shell helmet
¾ Shell DOT < $100 2.4 lbs.
1.08 Kg
Glide Modular
Daytona Glide Modular helmet
Modular DOT <$155 4.2 lbs.
1.9 Kg

All of the above helmets are available on Amazon, choose from the selection below.
Skull Cap ½ Shell without visor, select size, Dull Black, Grey Carbon Fiber, Black Leather w/visor.
Cruiser ¾ ShellSelect size and color.
Glide Modular3XL Yellow, 3XL White
Glide Modular4XL Cherry, 4XL Yellow

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Motorcycle Helmets Up To 68 cm (26¾ inches)

ZOX Motorcycle Helmets

ZOX is a Canadian brand that entered the motorcycle helmet market a little over a decade ago. ZOX helmets meet or exceed DOT FMVSS-218 Certification and ECE 22.05 Standards.

First up we have the ZOX Thunder 2 full-face helmet. Made from injected thermoplastic resin with a high integrity chin bar for added security, and a high safety anti-scratch shield. On the inside, it has optimized comfort padding which unfortunately is not removable. It does, however, have great air-flow with integrated ducts and rear extractors. Maximum helmet size for the ZOX Thunder 2 is 3X-Large.

ZOX Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric Hat Size
3X-Large 25⅝” – 26″ 65 – 66 cm 8⅛ – 8¼
4X-Large 26⅜” – 26¾” 67 – 68 cm 8⅜ – 8½
5X-Large 27⅛” – 27½” 69 – 70 cm 8⅝” – 8¾”

Next, we have the ZOX Z-OF10 helmet which consists of a lightweight, open-face carbon fiber composite shell with an EPS liner. The EPS liner has ear pocket space built-in making it communication device ready. The interior is lined with custom materials for comfort.

A very cool-looking helmet that meets or exceeds both DOT and ECE certifications. The outer shell has 5 pre-installed Fastener Press Studs for aftermarket installation of a shield or visor. However, a detachable peak/visor is included. The padded chin strap features a quick-release micrometric buckle.

Name Sizing Helmet Type Certification Price Range Approx.
Thunder 2
ZOX Thunder Full Face helmet
3X-Large Full Face DOT, ECE < $100 3.2 lbs.
1.4 Kg
ZOX Z-OF10 Open-Face helmet
Open-Face DOT, ECE <$100 ???

Both of the above models of ZOX helmets are available on Amazon.
Link to the 3X-Large ZOX Thunder 2 full-face helmet.
Link to the Z-OF10 Carbon Fiber helmet 3X-Large.

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Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion has a wide range of motorcycle helmets in larger sizes covering everything from full-face, open-face, and modular, to their unique 3-in-1 Covert helmet.

The EXO-R420 is a full-face helmet which has an advanced LG® polycarbonate shell and a multi-layer EPS foam lining producing an ultra-lightweight Snell approved helmet, however the larger sizes (3X-Large and 4X-Large) do not have Snell certification only DOT approved. But, still a great, safe helmet nonetheless!

The next full-face helmet is the EXO-R710 which has a shell made from interlaced fiberglass and Aramid fibers, is DOT approved, and amazingly retails for under $200.

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Both of the above full-face helmets come with Scorpion’s Elliptec™ II easy-release Faceshield; EverClear® Anti-Fogging, scratch-resistant shield; KwikWick® II anti-microbial interior padding which is removable and washable; and integrated pockets ready for your Bluetooth communications system.

Scorpion Large Helmet Sizing
Sizing Inches Metric Hat Size
3X-Large 25 9/16″ – 26″ 65 – 66 cm 8⅛ – 8¼
4X-Large 26⅜” – 26¾” 67 – 68 cm 8⅜ – 8½

The open-face EXO-CT220 is a great looking helmet for those who enjoy a bit of fresh air as opposed to the closed-in claustrophic feel that some people get from a full-face helmet.

The EXO-CT220 has an advanced LG® polycarbonate shell with dual-density EPS foam lining offering advanced protective qualities. One of the features of the EXO-CT220 is that it comes with a dark smoke SpeedView® drop-down sun-visor as well as an interchangeable Clear faceshield. The Kwikwick® II comfort liner is also removable and washable, and it is also communication device ready.

The EXO-R1 Air has been designed and built to suit Superbike racers and Moto GP, with its multi-layered shell constructed of a mix of fiberglass, aramid and poly-resin. The aerodynamic shell is designed for reduced drag whilst maximizing mobility. The Ram-Air intake system provides the ultimate in ventilation while the EPS liner and moisture wicking, removable, washable padding takes care of the comfort. The EXO-R1 Air is also DOT Approved and ECE Certified.

Name Sizing Helmet Type Certification Price Range Approx.
Scorpion EXO-R420 Full Face helmet
Full Face DOT < $160 Unknown
Scorpion EXO-R710 Full Face helmet
3X-Large Full Face Snell 2015
< $200 Unknown
Scorpion EXO-CT220 Open Face helmet
3X-Large Open Face DOT < $150 Unknown
EXO-R1 Air
Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Full Face helmet
3X-Large Full Face DOT
ECE 22.05
< $400 Unknown
Currently Unavailable
Scorpion EXO-GT920 Modular helmet
3X-Large Modular DOT < $230 Unknown
Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular helmet
3X-Large Modular DOT < $300 3.9 lbs.
1.78 Kg
Scorpion Covert 3-in-1 helmet
3X-Large 3-in-1 DOT < $210 Unknown

If you’re not sure whether you want a full-face or an open-face, then you should go for a modular and enjoy the best of both styles in one helmet.

The EXO-GT920 modular helmet switches from full-face to open-face with its single-lever flip up on its lightweight, polycarbonate shell. The dual-density EPS liner provides optimal energy displacement in the case of an accident. As well as the flip-up front, it also comes with an easy access drop-down sun visor. The anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabric keeps your head cool and comfortable. It is also prescription glasses friendly.

The EXO-AT950 Modular helmet has a polycarbonate shell with an aero-tuned ventilation system. On the inside is the dual-density EPS liner with the KwikWick® II Anti-Microbial comfort liner. Not only does it have the retractable internal sun visor, but it also has a removable external peak visor which you can add/remove depending on your riding requirements for the day.

The EXO-AT950 is more feature-packed than we can cover in this overview, but it has pretty much everything that has already been mentioned on the other Scorpion lids above. The chin-bar can be raised or lowered with either hand is a pretty cool feature worth mentioning though.

Let’s move on to the final helmet on our list of Scorpion motorcycle helmets for big heads, and that’s the Covert. If you’re unfamiliar with the Covert, let me tell you it really is one ‘badass’ looking lid (Scorpion’s description, not mine). It’s almost Darth Vaderish if you ask me (not really :) ).

Apparently they started out with a half shell helmet to which they added a front visor. Next, they turned it into a ¾ open-face helmet by adding a comfort sleeve to the rear which could be added or removed as necessary, then they thought “hey, why stop there?”, and went on to add the front face section and ended up with a 3-in-1 helmet.

Despite the spacey look, it comes standard with everything required to make it DOT approved. Lightweight polycarbonate shell; dual-density EPS liner, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial comfort liner; anti-fog visor. The rear comfort sleeve is removable as is the front mask thus allowing you a choice of half shell, ¾ shell, or full-face.

All of the above Scorpion helmets are available on Amazon. Unfortunately, the full-faced EXO-R420 is the only one available in 4X-Large, but all are available in 3X-Large. Follow the links below for more information.

EXO-R420 Solid 3X-Large, 4X-Large.
EXO-R710 Solid 3X-Large.
EXO-CT220 3X-Large (Black).
EXO-R1 Air 3X-Large (Black).
EXO-GT920 Currently Unavailable.
EXO-AT950 Outrigger 3X-Large.
Covert 3X-Large (White), 3X-Large (Matte Black).


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