9 Best Bike Helmets For Big Heads [2024 UPDATE]

Finding a quality bicycle helmet when you have a head that is larger than everyone else’s can often be a challenge and extremely frustrating.

In fact, just researching bike helmets for big heads was a challenge in itself.

The objective was to find extra-large bike helmets at the top end of the spectrum, like 64 to 70 cm (25.25 – 27.5 inches).

However, every time we thought that we were onto something positive it turned out to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Fortunately for cyclists looking for helmets for larger heads, some of the biggest names in bicycle helmets, like Bell, Bontrager, Giro, and Smith Optics manufacture larger-sized helmets.

Smith Optics bike helmets
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Extra Large Bike Helmets

The size of extra-large bike helmets is relative to the size of your head. Some people may consider a 61cm bike helmet to be an extra-large size, while many others would struggle to try to get a 64cm bike helmet onto their heads.

In this article, we bring to you the largest sizes of bicycle helmets on the market today, which currently range up to 66cm (26 inches).

Whether a 66cm bike helmet is considered an XL or an XXL bike helmet doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you can find a helmet that will fit your head comfortably without pinching or giving you a headache.

Even if the oversized helmet that you are searching for is only 60cm, then you will still find several here that will fit your big head. Check the chart below to see how many different helmets are available for your head size.

Extra-Large Bike Helmets Size Comparison Table

Large and Extra-Large Sizing of the helmets listed on this page

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Finding That Elusive Oversized Helmet

Different helmet manufacturers use different terminology to name their sizes, so we are basing our sizing on centimeters and inches. If you are looking for an XL bike helmet, XXL bike helmet, XXXL bike helmet, or similar sizing, then you are sure to find something suitable below.

To make your search a little easier, we have ordered the list by size, largest first. Within each size group, there are several different helmets sorted alphabetically.

Before you start looking for an oversized helmet to fit your head, please be sure about your head size. See our article ‘How To Know Your Helmet Size’ to learn more about getting the correct size for your head.

A properly fitted helmet is the most important aspect of helmet safety. A helmet that is too loose or too tight will not be comfortable and may not protect your head adequately if you have an accident.

Bike Helmets For Big Heads Larger Than 67 cm (26.4 Inches)

As previously mentioned, we did try to find something in the range of 68 to 70cm worthy of addition to this list but couldn’t find anything except hype, misinformation, and typos.

If you can’t find a bike helmet for your head size on this page, I would suggest trying to contact a couple of the larger helmet manufacturers and hound them into making something in your size.

Bontrager already makes 66 cm helmets, Bell and Giro make 65cm helmets, so it can’t be totally out of the realm for them to make a larger size helmet. Heck, even Smith Optics makes 67cm ski helmets.

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If enough people contact them, they might eventually get the message that there is a sizable market for larger helmets.

You can contact Bell, Bontrager, Giro, and Smith Optics on the links below:
Smith Optics

Bicycle Helmets Up To 66 cm (26 inches)

1. Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet – X-Large (60 – 66 cm / 23.6 – 26 inch)

Here’s a recent addition to the Bontrager helmet line-up, the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet. If that sounds familiar, that’s because around 4 years ago Bontrager released the Circuit MIPS cycling helmet.

That’s one of the great things about Bontrager, they like to keep both the MIPS fans happy as well as the WaveCel supporters. That way, both camps can enjoy the best that Bontrager has to offer.

Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

Bontrager Circuit WaveCel
Road Bike Helmet

XL Size 23.6 – 26 inch
(60 – 66 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
WaveCel Impact Protection
BOA® Fit System
Moisture wicking pads
Crash Replacement Guarantee
CPSC certification

The Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet is a little heavier than its MIPS counterpart, yet it’s still a good-looking, and durable helmet with the convenience of built-in magnetic light mounts to accommodate either your lights or GoPro camera (lights and cameras sold separately).

The Circuit Wavecel comes with the ever-popular BOA® Fit System which can be adjusted with one hand. On the inside is moisture-wicking, washable pads for a comfortable ride.

The helmet straps are fixed in such a way that they will always sit flat against your head rather than getting twisted.

The Bontrager Circuit Wavecel comes with an unconditional 30-day guarantee, as well as Bontrager’s Crash Replacement Guarantee if your helmet is involved in a crash within the first 12 months.

Main features summary:

  • WaveCel Rotational Impact Protection
  • Blendr Magnetic Mounts (Front & Rear)
  • BOA® Fit System
  • Moisture wicking pads
  • CPSC certification

What do the Reviews have to say about the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel road bike helmet?

Mostly all good and positive, however, there are a few people not keen on the WaveCel as it makes the helmet heavier, and it also makes the helmet hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

Otherwise, it’s a good, sturdy helmet from a trusted brand whose helmets tend to rate very well in Virginia Tech’s independent testing.

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Courtesy Trek Bicycle on Youtube.

2. Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet – X-Large (60 – 66 cm / 23.6 – 26 inch)

The Bontrager Starvos WaveCel helmet offers heightened protection with its polycarbonate shell, and WaveCel technology, consistently earning it a 5-Star rating in the Virginia Tech bicycle helmet ratings.

WaveCel lines the interior of the helmet and is designed to absorb some of the impact during an accident to protect the rider’s head.

The Headmaster Fit System which adjusts both height and circumference with one hand keeps this stylish helmet both secure and comfortable at the same time.

Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet

Bontrager Starvos WaveCel
Cycling Helmet

XL Size 23.6 – 26 inch
(60 – 66 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
WaveCel Impact Protection
Headmaster Fit System
Moisture wicking padding
Crash Replacement Guarantee
CPSC certification

It comes with very comfortable and washable moisture-wicking internal padding, and great air-flow management through the large vents.

The Bontrager Crash Replacement Guarantee is available for this helmet too, providing free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership.

Overall, a great-looking helmet that will fit many large-sized heads at an unbelievable price, with all the protection you will ever need.

Main features summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • WaveCel head protection technology
  • Headmaster Fit System
  • Washable padding
  • Crash Replacement Guarantee

What do the Reviews have to say about the Bontrager Starvos WaveCel cycling helmet?

One reviewer wrote that the Bontrager Starvos Wavecel is so light and quiet that he had to keep checking that it was still on his head! Other reviews stated that the helmet is good quality, sturdy and comfortable. The side straps are soft yet very strong with a perfect fit.

Very little in the way of negative reviews, but one buyer claimed that the fit adjuster was broken on arrival so he went with a different brand helmet instead. And one other reviewer who was generally happy with the helmet said that the straps could be a little longer.

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Bontrager Crash Replacement Guarantee, Courtesy Trek Bicycle on Youtube.

Bicycle Helmets Up To 65 cm (25.6 inches)

3. Abus Urban-I 3.0 Bike Helmet – X-Large (61-65 cm / 24-25.6 inch)

One of the most popular helmets in Germany and throughout Europe, the Abus Urban-I 3.0 represents great value for such a stylish bicycle helmet. The fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell bonds with the EPS shell for lightweight, yet durable, head protection.

Urban-I 3.0 - Signal Yellow - XL (61-65)

Abus Urban-I 3.0
Bike Helmet

XL Size 24 – 25.6 inch
(61 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
Reflective visibility strips
Built-in rear LED
Zoom Ace Urban Fit System
Washable padding
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

With 12 front and side air vents and 5 outlets at the rear, you have perfect ventilation for supreme comfort. For added safety, this Hi-Viz helmet is lined with external reflectors, as well as an LED light built-in to the rear of the helmet.

The Zoom Ace Urban fit system’s anti-slip adjustment dial along with the Full-ring connection allows for a customized height and width fit for everyone. The padded chin strap has a fidlock magnetized buckle to keep the helmet secured to your head.

The Medium size Abus Urban-I 3.0 weighs in at a very reasonable 300 grams, has anti-insect mesh built-in, and the padding is completely removable and washable to keep it free of odors. Plus, for those with longer hair, it is ponytail compatible.

Main features summary:

What do the Reviews have to say about the Abus Urban-I 3.0 bike helmet?

More than 80% of reviews are overwhelmingly favorable, commenting on the general quality of the helmet. The light weight, ventilation, and comfort are among the many positive comments. One negative reviewer didn’t like the magnetic Fidlock buckle.

Courtesy ABUS International on Youtube.

4. Giro Cormick MIPS Helmet – X-Large (58-65 cm / 22.8-25.6 inch)

Excellent value for a stylish and very popular helmet with MIPS. Giro has always been a name associated with quality helmets, and that quality shows with the Giro Cormick MIPS helmet.

Featuring an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner, and 18 vents for head cooling air-flow, not to mention the built-in MIPS Brain Protection System.

Giro Cormick MIPS XL Adult Urban Cycling Helmet - Matte Black/Dark Blue (2022), Universal X-Large (58–65 cm)

Giro Cormick MIPS
Bike Helmet

XL Size 22.8 – 25.6 inch
(58 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
Removable Visor
18 Vents
Roc Loc dial-in Fit System
Washable padding
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

In addition, there’s a neat cloth visor to shield your eyes from the sun and rain. The visor can be easily removed for washing and is easily replaced by connecting the velcro.

Sizing adjustments can be made with the Roc Loc dial-in fit system. The interior padding makes for a very comfortable experience allowing you to enjoy your ride in comfort.

Main features summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS protection
  • Roc Loc dial-in fit system
  • Removable visor
  • CPSC and CE EN certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Giro Cormick MIPS bike helmet?

A very popular helmet with hundreds of reviews. The vast majority of reviews are positive and praise the helmet’s comfort, ventilation, and general overall fit. Several comments also about the ease of use of the Roc Loc fit system.

There are also several stories of riders who were involved in accidents that state that the helmet saved their life. Always nice to read these accounts.

Negative reviews amounted to less than 2% of reviews. One reviewer had a problem with the visor coming apart from the velcro, and another commented that the helmet messed up his/her hair.

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5. Giro Register MIPS Bike Helmet – X-Large (58-65 cm / 22.8-25.6 inch)

An in-mold polycarbonate shell fused with an EPS foam liner creates a lighter helmet with better ventilation from its 22 air vents. As stated, this helmet has integrated the MIPS brain protection system for added safety.

Giro Register MIPS II XL Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Matte Black/Charcoal, Universal X-Large (58-65 cm)

Giro Register MIPS
Bike Helmet

XL Size 22.8 – 25.6 inch
(58 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
Reflective visibility strips
22 Air Vents
Roc Loc® Sport System
Quick Dry Padding
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

The Universal Fit helmets are designed to fit virtually anyone first time. Add in the Roc Loc® Sport System to easily customize the fit and Quick Dry padding for added comfort. This helmet also features a removable Quick Link Visor, as well as reflective visibility strips to ensure you can be seen at night.

Main features summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS Protection
  • Roc Loc® Sport System
  • Quick Dry padding
  • Reflective visibility strips
  • CPSC certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Giro Register MIPS bike helmet?

The reviews suggest that large-headed people are very happy with the fit. That’s good to hear. One buyer said that he had a problem with the straps coming loose easily, but also stated that they could be readjusted just as easily.

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6. Giro Syntax MIPS Bike Helmet – X-Large (61-65 cm / 24-25.6 inch)

A tough polycarbonate outer shell fused to an inner EPS foam liner using the in-mold process all the while incorporating a staggering 25 wind tunnel air vents creates an awesome head-hugging designed helmet.

Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Matte Black (2022), X-Large (61-65 cm)

Giro Syntax MIPS
Cycling Helmet

XL Size 24 – 25.6 inch
(61 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
25 Air Vents
Roc Loc® 5 Air Fit System
CoolFit anti-microbial padding
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

Of course, it has the Roc Loc® 5 Air fit system for added comfort, as well as the MIPS Brain Protection System for added safety, not to mention the CoolFit anti-microbial padding. The only thing it’s missing is you!

Main features summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS protection
  • Roc Loc® 5 Air fit system
  • CoolFit anti-microbial padding
  • CPSC certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Giro Syntax MIPS bike helmet?

The fit and comfort were rated highly in the reviews, as did the value for money. Very few negative reviews worth mentioning, except one which suggested that the Roc Loc system could be more adjustable.

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Smith Optics bike helmets

7. Smith Signal MIPS Adult Bike Helmet – X-Large (61 – 65cm / 24 – 25.6 inch)

Every cyclist with a head size between 61cm to 65cm should be wearing one of these. Three very good reasons why you should buy this helmet, 1) It’s so reasonably priced that you won’t believe the price; 2) It’s a good-looking helmet, just take a look at the image below; 3) Even at this incredible price, it has built-in MIPS Brain Protection System!

Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet

Smith Signal MIPS
Bike Helmet

XL Size 24 – 25.6 inch
(61 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
21 Air Vents
AirEvac ventilation
VaporFit Fit System
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

Hang on! Let’s make that four reasons. 4) It’s made by Smith Optics so we can be assured of the best quality. Do I need to say more?

Constructed of an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner fused together as one. On the inside, it has something that Smith calls ‘performance comfort lining’ for your comfort. In addition, your comfort will be enhanced by the AirEvac ventilation with 21 air vents.

The retention system, VaporFit adjustable fit system, will add to the level of comfort as the VaporFit system provides a snug fit all around your head.

Main features summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS protection
  • VaporFit fit system
  • AirEvac ventilation
  • CPSC, CE-EN1078, and AS/NZS2063 Certification

What do the Reviews have to say about the Smith Signal MIPS Adult Bike Helmet?

Positives: Great quality for the price; looks good, feels good, great fit.

On the negative side, some reviewers found that the bottom of the EPS liner being exposed looked a little tacky, but did state that it wasn’t a deal-breaker and were more than happy with their new Smith Signal helmet.

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8. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet – L/XL (61-65 cm / 24-25.6 inch)

TeamObsidian have outdone themselves here with a super-strong reinforced helmet, yet lightweight at the same time. With a removable front visor this helmet suits mountain bikers, commuters as well as recreational cyclists.

TeamObsidian Bicycle Helmet - for Adult Men and Women - Model AU-G1342 - Color Red - Size L/XL 61cm-65cm

Team Obsidian Airflow
Bike Helmet

XL Size 24 – 25.6 inch
(61 – 65 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
22 Air Vents
Adjustable Dial Fit System
CPSC Certification

To create the superior safety of the Airflow helmet, TeamObsidian has utilized in-mold technology whilst adding an integrated ABS skeleton between the outer shell and the internal EPS layer. By doing it like this they have been able to integrate 22 huge air vents for outstanding air-flow and cooling.

The L/XL size weighs in at 0.7 lbs (315 grams) and is available in two colors, white or black. The dial fit system at the rear of the helmet can be adjusted in seconds, and can also be adjusted horizontally for a snugger, secure fit. There’s even room for a low ponytail below the rear dial.

It has a cushioned chin strap for added comfort, and the inner pads are removable and washable. The TeamObsidian Airflow bike helmet also comes with verifiable CPSC certification and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Main features summary:

  • In-mold reinforced ABS shell
  • EPS liner
  • Ponytail Friendly
  • Cushioned Chin Strap
  • CPSC certified
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s warranty

What do the Reviews have to say about the TeamObsidian Airflow bike helmet?

Well over 90% positive reviews with some people reporting their experience when crashing while wearing this helmet. Fantastic helmet with a very comfortable strap system. Lightweight with awesome airflow.

Fits like a glove. One reviewer complained that the strap broke, but TeamsObsidian reached out to him and offered a free replacement. Nice to see a manufacturer standing by their product.

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Bicycle Helmets Up To 64 cm (25.25 inches)

9. Lazer Sphere MIPS Cycling Helmet – X-Large (61 – 64 cm / 24 – 25.25 inch)

The Lazer Sphere MIPS helmet uses an aerodynamic polycarbonate shell with an inner EPS liner to provide initial energy absorption in an accident, this is complemented by the MIPS liner to reduce the risk of rotational injury to the rider’s head.

The Advanced Rollsys fit system uses a thumbwheel for ease of adjustment for a more precise and comfortable fit.

LAZER Sphere MIPS Road Bike Helmet, Lightweight Bicycling Helmet for Adults, Matte Black, X-Large

Lazer Sphere MIPS
Cycling Helmet

XL Size 24 – 24.25 inch
(61 – 64 cm)
*Smaller Sizes Available*
18 Air Vents
5 Star Virginia Tech Rating
Advanced Rollsys Fit System
CPSC Certification

The fit is further enhanced by the adjustable head basket which can be adjusted up or down as you like to suit your personal requirements. Whether you’re racing or just enjoying a ride on a hot day, the 18 vents and inner channeled ventilation provides additional comfort when pushing the limits.

Stylish, comfortable, and top-of-the-line impact protection. It’s little wonder that the Lazer Sphere MIPS helmet received a 5 Star rating in Virginia Tech’s helmet ratings.

Main features summary:

  • Aerodynamic Polycarbonate shell
  • MIPS Protection
  • 18 Air Vents with Channelling
  • ARS Fit System
  • Virginia Tech 5-Star Rating
  • CPSC certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Lazer Sphere MIPS cycling helmet?

Some reviewers had some difficulty adjusting to the ARS fit system, but most agree that it’s a great fit and comfortable. To summarize other reviewers: super lightweight; quality finish and good value for money; airflow is great and keeps your head cool; very comfortable; a bit pricey.

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Smith Optics bike helmets

If you don’t see anything to your liking here, you might like to pop over to our page for Extra-Large Mountain Bike Helmets (up to 66cm) for a look.
Mountain bike helmets have exactly the same CPSC certification as regular bicycle helmets, plus they have a nice little visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.
Definitely worth a look!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the largest size bike helmet?

A. Currently, the largest size bike helmet that we can find has a head circumference of 66cm (26 inches). In the recent past, there have been 67cm and 68cm bike helmets available, however, helmet manufacturers would much prefer to sell thousands of smaller-sized helmets to consumers with regular-sized heads than a few hundred bike helmets to a small percentage of people with oversized heads.

When searching online for larger-sized helmets, you may find websites that claim to have helmets to fit a 68cm head. However, upon delivery of the helmet, you will most likely find that it is far smaller than the size advertised.

Smith Optics make bicycle helmets up to 65cm, yet they make extra-large Ski helmets up to 67cm. Then there are motorcycle helmets available up to 72cm (HJC has 5X-Large helmets up to 70cm, and Vega has 6X-Large motorcycle helmets up to 72cm).

Q. How big is an XL bike helmet?

A. Helmet manufacturers are not compelled to follow a standard sizing protocol, so as a result, the XL bike helmets from one manufacturer may be 66cm (26 inches), while an XL bike helmet from another manufacturer may be only 64cm (25.2 inches). The XL bike helmet size from other manufacturers may be completely different again.

Q. Should a bike helmet move on your head?

A. Most Definitely Not! If your bike helmet can move when you shake your head, imagine how much it could move if you are involved in an accident and your helmet and head hit the ground. A bike helmet that can move about will offer little to no protection for your head.

Your bike helmet should be snug and comfortable. If your bike helmet can move around or up and down when you shake your head around, then it is too loose. If your bike helmet gives you a headache or leaves red pressure marks on your head, then it is too tight. Please read How Should A Bike Helmet Fit for more details on proper bike helmet fitting.

I hope we have covered the subject of ‘bike helmets for big heads’ to your satisfaction. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to leave a comment or question below. Thanks!

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