How To Fit A Lacrosse Helmet

No matter what sport you choose to play, it is crucial to ensure that your helmet fits properly otherwise it can’t effectively protect your head when it should.

So, in this article let’s explore the question of “how to fit a lacrosse helmet?”

A lacrosse helmet needs to be level and feel comfortable all around without causing any unnecessary pressure. The chinstraps need to be firm without any slack, and the helmet should not wobble about when the wearer shakes their head. It should be head-hugging without causing any discomfort.

lacrosse game in progress with two players on attack

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How To Fit A Lacrosse Helmet?

Let’s quickly run through the do and don’t instructions for fitting a lacrosse helmet properly – starting with the things you should do, and then moving on to things to avoid.

The “Dos”

The first thing to do is make sure that the helmet is the right size for your head. This can be achieved by measuring your head with a tape measure so as to choose the correct sized helmet.

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Then you should put it on your head and try to wiggle it around. If the helmet slips about, try a smaller size. If it feels tight and uncomfortable, try a larger size.

Once you’ve found a helmet that fits comfortably, you should put it on so that the helmet is sitting level and you are looking through the top set of bars.

Next, if your helmet has an adjuster at the back of the helmet, then squeeze the adjuster so that you can feel the snugness of the helmet completely around your head.

Next, you need to adjust the 4 chinstraps. You will find this much easier to do if you have someone to help you.

When doing the following, it is of the utmost importance that your helmet is level and you can see through the top set of bars. While you hold the chinstrap in place against your chin, your buddy should start by adjusting the two top straps to remove any slack in the straps, then clip them into place. Next, do the same with the lower chin straps.

Ideally, you want all straps to be even, as this will stop the helmet from slipping to one side or the other if it gets knocked or you fall over.

The helmet should now be fitted comfortably on your head and will provide a good protective barrier. So, the short answer to how should a lacrosse helmet fit is “snugly and evenly”.

The “Don’ts”

What should you not do when you are fitting a lacrosse helmet? Firstly, if you are buying for a child, do not buy a helmet that is too big so that they can grow into it, because this will result in a helmet that does not protect them.

The helmet needs to be snug so that it doesn’t come off or slip to one side on impact. If the helmet isn’t fitted correctly, it could be more dangerous than no helmet at all, so this is important to think about and get right.

Secondly, don’t look through any set of bars beside the top one. If you are looking through a lower set of bars, the helmet is in the wrong position, and fitting it in this position won’t provide proper protection.

Thirdly, don’t leave the chin straps uneven. This can cause the helmet to slip off on one side or the other which means it will not properly protect you.

You should also avoid buying a used helmet. While sports equipment can be expensive and it’s frustrating to have to buy new all the time, you don’t want to compromise on safety by getting used equipment.

Lacrosse game in progress. One player has ball while being tackled by opponent.

A helmet may have been damaged by impact and no longer have the integrity it needs, and even if the helmet has been looked after, the plastic does not last forever and will become unsuitable for use after a while.

New helmets are more protective and often take advantage of improvements in technology, so it’s important to buy a helmet that is safe and provides lasting protection rather than take a chance on a used helmet.

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How To Stay Safe

Always insist on a NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) approved helmet so that you can be assured that it meets the required safety standards.

It’s a good idea to replace your helmet every few years, even if it still seems to be in good shape. As mentioned, helmets do degrade and lose their effectiveness with time, so this is a great safety step.

SEI Certified, Meets NOCSAE standard label

Secondly, replacing the helmet means that any new developments in helmet technology will be available to you. You might not think this would be significant, but designers are constantly adjusting how helmets fit and protect the head, and it’s a good idea to take advantage of that.


Fitting a lacrosse helmet isn’t too tricky as long as you know the position it should be in (looking through the top bars) and you make sure that the fit is snug. If the helmet wobbles around on your head or is uncomfortably tight, try a different size.

Hopefully, you now know how to fit a lacrosse helmet so that you can enjoy some safe game-play!

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