Best Horse Riding Helmets For Kids in 2023

One of the great joys of having children is watching them enjoy themselves outdoors getting completely involved in activities that you introduced them to.

One of the more adventurous activities that I was ever introduced to as a child was horseback riding.

Nowadays, head protection is very important in many activities, so it is of the utmost importance that your young ones are wearing the best horse riding helmets for kids you can find. More importantly, is that you must ensure that the helmet fits properly.

The helmets that we showcase below are the best available from leading equestrian helmet brands.

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Horse Riding Helmets for Kids Comparison Table

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Helmet / Image Sizing Certified
CM Inches Hat Size
Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet
Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet
51 – 61 cm 20⅛ – 24 inches 6⅜ – 7⅝ ASTM /SEI
Troxel Liberty Riding Helmet
Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet
50 – 62 cm 19⅝ – 24⅜ inches 6¼ – 7⅜ ASTM /SEI
IRH Equi–Lite Riding Helmet

IRH Equi-Lite Helmet

50.8 – 58.4 cm 20 – 23 inches 6½ – 7⅜ ASTM /SEI & CE
Troxel Dakota Horse Riding Helmet
Troxel Dakota Turquoise Paisley All-Trails Helmet
50 – 62 cm 19⅝ – 24⅜ inches 6¼ – 7¾ ASTM /SEI
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet
Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet
52 – 61 cm 20½ – 24 inches 6½ – 7⅝ ASTM /SEI & CE

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The Best Horse Riding Helmets for Kids

Let’s take a look at some of the very best horse riding helmets for children that are available in today’s market.

Actually, these helmets are not just for kids! All of the helmets showcased below are available in larger sizes that are suitable for just about anyone.

So, if you’re looking for horse riding helmets for youth, teenagers, or adults, you could very well find your next helmet listed below.

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1. Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet

Made from top of the line ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), the Ovation Protégé Helmet is the ideal choice for your kids. This helmet is lightweight, well ventilated, and looks totally cool.

When your kids are riding, you want them to focus on the riding and not on their helmets getting in the way. This helmet is perfect, as they will barely be able to tell that they’re wearing a helmet.

It comes with mesh-covered vents that keep bugs out while allowing a steady flow of air to keep the head cool. The shell is extended at the back for extra protection, and the adjustable strap comes with a quick snap buckle.

Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet

The Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet is available on Amazon.

Available in up to 10 attractive colors, with the option of a metallic or matte finish, with sizes ranging between 51 – 61 cm (20⅛ – 24 inches).

This is the ideal helmet for the transition from riding school to show riding. The helmet comes SEI certified to ASTM F1163-15 standard.

Main Features Summary:

  • High-density ABS shell
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable dial fit
  • Removable mesh liner
  • ASTM/SEI certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet?

Hundreds of positive reviews attest to the quality of the Ovation Protégé. Sturdy, lightweight, comfortable, and a very reasonable price is repeated over and over by reviewers.

You can rest assured that you would be making a good choice with the Ovation Protégé Riding Helmet.

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2. Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmets come with large vents that provide your child with all the ventilation they will ever need. The trademarked DialFit system will ensure a perfectly adjusted and comfortable fit for your child’s head.

These helmets are low profile, light, and very strong. The six mesh-covered vents will keep the bugs out while allowing fresh air to circulate.

Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet

The Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet is available on Amazon.

The FlipFold internal tabs, which are removable for easy cleaning, allow quick and easy adjustment to the width of the helmet to customize the fit to any head shape.

All Troxel helmets are ASTM-SEI certified for your child’s safety. Available in up to 8 exciting colors, ranging in size between 50 – 62cm (19⅝ – 24⅜ inches).

Main Features Summary:

  • Durable and lightweight
  • DialFit™ system
  • FlipFold™ removable & washable headliner
  • Superior ventilation
  • ASTM/SEI-certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Troxel Liberty Horseback Riding Helmet?

Overall, customers seem to be very happy with this helmet, with many describing it as comfortable, well ventilated, and durable.

With several hundred reviewers rating the Troxel Liberty highly, you know that you are getting good value for money with this helmet.

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Courtesy TroxelHelmets on Youtube.

3. IRH Equi–Lite Horse Riding Helmet

This is the ideal helmet for children who are just entering the horse riding world for the first time. With five front vents and four rear vents, ventilation and air circulation will keep your child focused and comfortable during their ride.

The Equi–Lite Horse Riding Helmet comes equipped with the IRH DialFit system, with a dial on the back that can be turned to tighten or loosen for the ultimate fit.

IRH Equi-Lite Helmet
IRH Equi-Lite Helmet

from: Equinavia

The Equi–Lite Horse Riding Helmet is available from Equinavia.

The helmet also comes with a 3 point harness that has a quick-release buckle to clip on or clip off the helmet. Sizes range between 50.8 – 58.4cm (20 – 23 inches).

Small/Medium: 6½ – 6⅞ Hat Size | 20″ – 21½″ | 50.8 – 54.6 cm
Medium/Large: 6⅞ – 7⅜ Hat Size | 21½″ – 23″ | 54.6 – 58.4 cm

The insides are lined with soft foam to ensure complete comfort of the rider, and at 10 ounces, this lightweight helmet is perfect for your child. ASTM F1163-15/SEI certified and CE Certified to European EN 1384 Standards.

Main Features Summary:

  • Lightweight
  • 9 Ventilation ports
  • Dial Fit System
  • Quick-Release buckle
  • Front Visor
  • ATSM/SEI and CE Certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the IRH Equi–Lite Horse Riding Helmet?

The perfect fit, comfortable design, and great value for money are among the stand out features of the helmet that multiple users have mentioned. Overall, this is a great choice for your child’s first riding helmet.

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4. Troxel Dakota Horse Back Riding Helmet

Light in weight, sleek in design, and very adequately ventilated, the Troxel Dakota Horse Back Riding Helmet is a very good choice for your child.

The helmet comes with an extended sun visor to keep the sun out of your child’s eye, so there is no issue with visibility while riding.

This is a common issue that children face, with amateur horseback riding taking place mostly outdoors. The extended sun visor is the perfect innovation to protect your child’s face from harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Troxel Dakota Horse Back Riding Helmet is available from the HorseSaddleShop.

Other features include the matte finish, a stylish leather hatband, SureFit adjustable slider system, FlipFold easy width adjustment system, and the removable and washable lining.

Available in 4 different color designs and sizes ranging between 50 – 62cm (19⅝ – 24⅜ inches). Naturally, it is ASTM-SEI certified.

Main Features Summary:

  • Low profile
  • 7 Mesh-covered vents
  • SureFit™ Pro fit system
  • FlipFold™ removable & washable headliner
  • Extended sun visor
  • ASTM/SEI certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Troxel Dakota Horse Back Riding Helmet?

Most of the hundreds of reviewers have commented about how much they like the look and design of the helmet, while safety is the other most commonly mentioned factor.

Stylish, comfortable, and safe are the three words used to describe the helmet. With a large majority of positive reviews, the Troxel Dakota Horse Back Riding Helmet is a very good option when you are purchasing a helmet for your child.

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Courtesy TroxelHelmets on Youtube.

5. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet

This is a great helmet for children who don’t want to feel like they are wearing a helmet. The lightweight, sleek design will help your child forget that they’ve even got a helmet on in the first place, which will ensure that they can concentrate completely on enjoying their ride.

Some of the features that come with the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet include an easy-adjust dial for simple fitting, durable material for extended helmet life, and high flow vents for superior air circulation.

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet is available on Amazon.

Moreover, there is also a removable Coolmax liner for easy washing and the exclusive YKK adjuster clip and buckle which is well-positioned to stay off the rider’s face, not hindering them in any way.

The helmet is certified to ASTM and CE standards to ensure the safety of your child’s head from falls. A limited choice of only 3 colors, with a size ranging between 52 – 61cm (20½ – 24 inches).

Main Features Summary:

  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Easy adjust dial fit system
  • Coolmax® liner (removable & washable)
  • Removable breakaway visor
  • High flow air vents
  • ASTM & CE certified

What do the Reviews have to say about the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Riding Helmet?

The lightweight, modern-looking design, safety, and value for money are the features that users most consistently spoke about.

Overall, the reviews are consistently positive.

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Horse Riding Helmets For Children

In general, most children love animals, so the chance to learn to ride a horse is an opportunity that is usually met with excitement. Do you remember your first ride?

Horses are intelligent animals and have a sense about them that they need to be more gentle with children than they are with adults.

Children seem to be naturally drawn to them, too. They love petting them and combing their hair, so why not offer them a chance to learn to ride them? Horseback riding has been known to increase cognitive capabilities in children while also teaching them a lot of patience and self-discipline.

If you’ve got a child who seems to be intrigued by the idea of horse riding, don’t think twice! Get them started as soon as possible.

While being a fun-filled activity and a learning exercise for children, you must remember to take all possible safety precautions for your child. The most important of all being a riding helmet.

You need to invest in a good, sturdy helmet that will keep your child safe in the event of a fall. Small cuts and bruises are completely fine, but a helmet will keep them safe from any serious head injury.

Horse Riding Helmet Safety Standards

The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a helmet is that the helmet is certified to the latest equestrian helmet standards.

In the United States, the SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) is the organization that provides certification for helmets of varying industries and uses. In addition, the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is one of the world’s leading organizations when it comes to testing safety equipment.

Courtesy ExtensionHorses on Youtube.

ASTM-SEI certified helmets are the gold standard, and you cannot go wrong with them. These certified helmets contain the date of manufacture and the SEI logo under the headliner inside the helmet. Check for the date and the logo so that you know what you are getting is authentic.

In Europe, the CE (Conformité Européenne) sign is your guarantee. All helmets that come with the CE mark have been rigorously tested and come with a safety guarantee.

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Summing Up

Regardless of whether you are looking for horse riding helmets for children or horse riding helmets for adults, protecting the rider’s head from potentially serious injuries can’t be taken lightly.

Safety is the number one rule when it comes to horseback riding, whether it is for children or adults. Speak to any certified riding instructor, and they will tell you the importance of good quality riding helmets.

There have been many freak accidents that have taken place during the simplest of riding exercises, leaving people scarred for life or with very long-lasting injuries.

As you are well aware, minor injuries are ok for most parts of the body. They will heal. However, even a minor injury to the head can cause long-lasting complications.

Especially at a younger age, your children’s heads, while developing, are a lot more prone to injuries. You have to ensure that they are completely protected while they ride.

Horseback riding will truly be a memorable experience for your children and can become an activity they will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

In fact, some children may even be so inclined towards pursuing it professionally. Some children have a way with horses, and it is very evident to see once they form a connection with their animal.

Let them learn, let them have fun, and let them make mistakes. However, make sure that when it comes to safety, there should be no corners cut and no half measures. Safety first. Everything else comes second.

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