Low Profile Bike Helmets [2024 UPDATE]

If we wanted to keep a low profile, we would be trying not to be noticed. We would be keeping our head down and our nose clean, and generally just trying to blend in with the crowd.

However, when it comes to low profile helmets the meaning is not quite the same, and, in fact, the end result would most likely be that when wearing a bike helmet low profile we would actually be more noticeable.

When looking for a low profile bike helmet, you want a helmet that will fit your head like a glove. A helmet that fits so snugly that it looks like it was painted onto your head. A head and helmet combo that has been fused together as one, a second skin.

Ultimately, you are trying to avoid a helmet that makes you look like Super Mario or a mushroom head.

This then turns your low profile cycling helmet into a high profile talking piece as everyone looks to admire your choice of headgear.

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Low Profile Bike Helmets Comparison Table

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Brand/Image Size Range Certification Weight
Smith Signal MIPS
Smith Signal MIPS Helmet
48 – 65 cm
19″ – 25.5″
300 grams
11 oz
Smith Express MIPS
Smith Express MIPS Helmet
51 – 63 cm
20” – 25″
Kask Rapido
KASK Adult Road Bike Helmet RAPIDO Anthracite [Size 62]
52 – 62 cm
20.5″ – 24.4″
220 gram
7.8 oz
Poc Omne Ultra MIPS Helmet Uranium Black Matt, S
50 – 61 cm
19.7″ – 24″
305 gram
10.8 oz
Abus Hyban 2.0 MIPS
ABUS Hyban 2.0 MIPS Adult Urban Helmet, Velvet Black, Size M (52-58 cm)
52 – 63 cm
20.4″ – 24.8″
460 grams
16.2 oz
Lazer CityZen
LAZER CityZen KinetiCore Bike Helmet, Bicycling Gear for Adults, Men & Women’s Cycling Head Gear, Matte White, Small
52 – 64 cm
20.5″ – 25.2″
CPSC 420 grams
15 oz
Bontrager Solstice MIPS
Bontrager Solstice MIPS Bike Helmet
51 – 61 cm
20” – 24”
CE1078, CPSC 266 grams
9.5 oz

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Best Low Profile Bike Helmets

As can be seen, all of the helmets are CPSC certified, as well as having the CE Mark, the European standard for bicycle helmets, while many also carry the certification for Australia/New Zealand.

Five of the seven helmets chosen have the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) installed, which reduces rotational motion and redirects rotational energy in the case of an impact or accident. The MIPS liner will slightly rotate on impact thus reducing the risk of concussion and protecting against brain injury.

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1. Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet

The Smith Signal MIPS bike helmet is perfect for both commuting and recreational road cycling. It may not be immediately obvious at first glance, but there are a total of 21 strategically placed air vents with interior channeling to ensure a consistent air flow over your head while biking on hot days.

Totally durable with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an impact-absorbing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam liner. The VaporFit adjustable fit system has a rear dial to help you achieve a perfect fit, and the three-point chinstrap, which, when properly adjusted will hold the helmet firmly in place.

Smith Signal MIPS Helmet

Smith Optics Signal
MIPS Bike Helmet

Sizes 19″ – 25.5″
(48cm – 65cm)
MIPS protection
21 fixed vents
VaporFit system
AirEvac system
CPSC & CE EN 1078 certified

Of course, the MIPS brain protection system will provide the necessary protection against angled impacts, and the helmet has good coverage around the rear of the helmet for added safety. On the inside, there is a removable comfort lining that is washable and replaceable if needed.

This slim-line low profile road bike helmet is CPSC, EN-1078 and AS/NZS 2063 certified, comes in several modern colors, and is available in sizes XS to XL ranging between 48 – 65 cm (19 – 25.5 inches).

Main Features Summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • MIPS protection
  • 21 Large vents
  • VaporFit fit system
  • AirEvac ventilation
  • CPSC, CE-EN1078, and AS/NZS2063 Certification

A great-looking, MIPS bike helmet low profile from a top name brand for a very reasonable price.

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2. Smith Express MIPS Helmet

The Smith Express MIPS helmet is a great choice for your daily commute or just for recreational cycling. Smith Optics has a reputation for making good quality, safety focused helmets at a reasonable price.

The Smith Express comes with a rear LED light that pops in and pops out as necessary for safer rides in low light conditions. The integrated MIPS protects you from rotational forces in the event of accidents.

Smith Express MIPS Helmet

Smith Express
MIPS Bike Helmet

Sizes 20” – 25″
(51 – 63 cm)
MIPS protection
13 fixed vents
Removable Visor
Reflective Straps
removable rear LED light
CPSC & CE EN 1078 certified

The polymer shell with in-mold construction provides a lightweight yet durable shell with 13 air vents for your comfort and safety. The dial at the rear of the helmet can be easily adjusted for the ultimate customized fit.

Main Features Summary:

  • Polymer shell with in-mold construction
  • MIPS Brain Protection System
  • Adjustable rear dial fit system
  • 13 Air Vents
  • Removable visor and rear light
  • CPSC, CE-EN1078, and AS/NZS2063 Certification

The Smith Express MIPS helmet is available in 4 colors and 3 sizes, and is fully certified for the United States and European markets.

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Courtesy Smith – Pursue Your Thrill on Youtube

3. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Here you can have not only a beautiful helmet from an internationally renowned brand, but it also looks great and fits like a low profile cycling helmet should, all for less than $100.

The Kask Rapido Road Cycling helmet is made with a polycarbonate shell using ‘in-mold’ technology to join the outer shell with the inner EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner for better shock absorption and a lighter frame.

KASK Adult Road Bike Helmet RAPIDO Anthracite [Size 62]

Kask Rapido
Road Cycling Helmet

Sizes 20.5″ – 24.4″
(52 – 62 cm)
24 air vents
Up n Down fit system
Removable padding
CPSC & EN1078 Certification
MSRP 70 – 100USD

Twenty four air vents provide a cool air-flow on the hottest of days.

Utilizing Kask’s ‘Up n Down’ fit system, the Rapido will hug your head like a second skin. Using the rubberized dial or by squeezing the adjuster at the rear of the helmet, you can adjust the fit both horizontally and vertically for a perfect fit. The inner padding is completely removable and washable.

Available in 2 sizes ranging from 52 cm (20¹⁵/₃₂″) to 62 cm (24¹³/₃₂″), with up to ten colors to choose from. The Medium size weighs in at a lightweight 220g!

Main Features Summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell with ‘in-mold’ technology
  • EPS lining
  • 24 air vents
  • Up n Down fitting system
  • CE-EN-1078, CPSC-1203, AS/NZS-2063 Certified
  • Weighs 220g (Medium size)

With the same sleek appearance as Kask’s top range helmets, an unbelievable price point, as well as CPSC-1203, EN-1078, and AS/NZS-2063 certification, the Kask Rapido is a value-packed lightweight helmet that is hard to overlook.

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Take a look at the video below to see how low profile it really is.

4. POC Omne Air MIPS Helmet

POC are renowned for their quality helmets, so it’s not surprising that they can match quality with style. The POC Omne Air MIPS helmet has that great head-hugging characteristic that only a low profile bicycle helmet can have.

The Omne Air includes the MIPS head protection system, which provides protection against angled impacts, but there’s also a multi-density EPS liner to add further protection for your head in case of an accident.

Poc Omne Ultra MIPS Helmet Uranium Black Matt, S

Bike Helmet

Sizes 19.7″ – 24″
(50 – 61 cm)
MIPS protection
Slim style
360 adjustment system
CPSC & CE EN 1078 certified
MSRP 102 – 200 USD

The slim style of this helmet keeps the weight down making your commute a much more pleasant start to your day. Well positioned air vents provide the perfect air flow from front to rear keeping your head cool and comfortable.

Main Features Summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell
  • Optimal-density EPS lining
  • MIPS head protection
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • 360° adjustable fit system
  • CPSC, EN-1078, AS/NZS:2063 certified

The POC Omne Air MIPS helmet is available in several colors and 3 sizes, but to ensure you have the perfect fit, POC’s fit system can be adjusted 360° for an all-round snug fit.

5. Abus Hyban 2.0 MIPS Bike Helmet

The German made Abus Hyban 2.0 MIPS is part of Abus’ urban series of bike helmets which means that it is suitable for whatever you need it for; inner city commuting or just general cycling for fitness or fun.

Constructed with an injection molded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell and lined with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam to protect your head in an accident. This helmet will turn heads while keeping yours cool with 5 large, front, meshed-lined vents and 8 rear outlets for improved air-flow without insects entering to bug you.

ABUS Hyban 2.0 MIPS Adult Urban Helmet, Velvet Black, Size M (52-58 cm)

Abus Hyban 2.0 MIPS
Bike Helmet

Sizes 20.4″ – 24.8″
(52 – 63 cm)
MIPS protection
13 Huge Vents
LED rear light
Pony-tail compatible
CPSC & EN1078 Certification
MSRP 90 – 110USD

There’s a sturdy visor to keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, and an easily adjustable padded chin-strap to hold your Abus Hyban firmly in place. The visor can be removed and re-attached as necessary. The internal padding is also removable and washable.

At the rear of the helmet, you will find the dial fit size adjuster which will give a precision 360-degree fit all around. Just above the dial adjuster, there are 2 reflective tabs for better visibility and safety, these tabs complement the integrated LED at the top rear of the helmet.

Main Features Summary:

  • Injection-molded ABS shell with EPS liner
  • MIPS Brain Protection System
  • 360 degrees dial fit system
  • 5 Front and 8 Rear Huge Air Vents
  • Integrated LED light & Reflective strips
  • Ponytail friendly
  • CPSC 1203 and EN-1078 Certified

This unisex helmet is ponytail compatible for anyone with longer hair, and is available in 3 sizes ranging from 52 – 63 cm (20.4″ – 24.8″), and several different colors. The Abus Hyban 2.0 MIPS bike helmet is both CPSC and EN1078 certified.

Courtesy ABUS Mobile Security on Youtube

6. Lazer CityZen KinetiCore Bike Helmet

Lazer is one bicycle helmet manufacturer that has invested heavily into research and development to improve the safety level of their quality bike helmets. Lazer’s KinetiCore technology debuted in early 2022 and enjoyed immediate success at the Virginia Tech bicycle helmet tests.

Kineticore is the result of Lazer Helmets decade long research into a way to improve direct and rotational impact protection while also making the helmet lighter.

They achieved both those goals as well as improving the ventilation while keeping the cost of the final product extremely competitive. These goals were achieved because Kineticore is actually integrated into the helmet design rather than added on to the helmet.

LAZER CityZen KinetiCore Bike Helmet, Bicycling Gear for Adults, Men & Women’s Cycling Head Gear, Matte White, Small

KinetiCore Bike Helmet

Virginia Tech 4 stars
Sizes 20.5″ – 25.2″
(52 – 64 cm)
KinetiCore Protection
TurnSys dial fit system
Lock hole
CPSC & EN1078 Certification

The Lazer CityZen KinetiCore bike helmet is a great-looking helmet at an amazing price that offers unbelievable value for money. This CPSC certified helmet is available in 5 modern colors and 4 sizes ranging from 52cm to 64cm (20.5 – 25.2 inches).

Please be advised, Lazer recommends that individuals size down if they are between sizes.

Main Features Summary:

  • In-mold Polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Lazer KinetiCore head protection
  • 4 Air Vents with enhanced airflow
  • TurnSys dial fit system
  • Reinforced Locking Hole
  • Lightweight (14.8 oz / 420g)

There is definitely more to this recreational cycling helmet than meets the eye. Well worth a look.

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7. Bontrager Solstice MIPS Helmet

Bontrager is another helmet brand with some nice modern designs and top-quality helmets. The Bontrager Solstice MIPS helmet is just one of those great low profile helmets designed with safety in mind. Fully CPSC certified, this great-looking helmet also comes with Bontrager’s ‘Crash Replacement’ guarantee.

Made from a durable polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam lining, the in-mold construction process keeps the helmet lightweight while maintaining strength. This MIPS equipped helmet will protect your brain from rotational forces in certain crash situations.

Bontrager Solstice MIPS Bike Helmet

Bontrager Solstice
MIPS Helmet

Sizes 20” – 24”
(51 – 61 cm)
MIPS protection
17 Air Vents
Headmaster Fit system
Fidlock magnetic buckle
Removable visor
CPSC Certification

Sporting a removable visor for sun protection, and with a whopping 17 vents to keep your head feeling fresh, not to forget the Headmaster Fit system, which can be adjusted with one hand, to ensure a perfect fit, you can concentrate on your ride completely confident that your head is protected.

The Bontrager Solstice MIPS helmet is available in five colors and two sizes ranging from 51cm to 61cm (20 – 24 inches). The reflective chin strap is secured with a Fidlock magnetic buckle.

Main Features Summary:

  • Polycarbonate shell with in-mold EPS foam
  • MIPS brain protection
  • 17 Air Vents
  • Headmaster Fit system
  • Moisture-wicking padding
  • CPSC and EN-1078 certified

A great-looking helmet that is suitable for recreational cycling or mountain biking. Excellent value for a quality Bontrager helmet with MIPS.

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