Best Women’s Bike Helmets For 2021

A bicycle helmet specifically for women? What’s so different about a women’s bike helmet as compared to a men’s or a unisex helmet? Aren’t women’s bike helmets just the same as the men’s helmets, except in a small size?

Apparently not.

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Men want a helmet that is practical and suited to their needs, whether that be road cycling, mountain biking, commuting to work each day, or whatever else.

Women, on the other hand, also want their helmets to be practical, but at the same time, it should be attractive, lightweight, and even fashionable (to an extent). Women’s bike helmets need to be stylish and have either modern colors or lighter colors.

But everyone is different. There are some men who like pink, and some women who hate pink. To each their own.

Many of the helmets that are advertised as women’s bike helmets are in fact Unisex. However, there are some major, and minor, brands that make helmets that are some of the most stylish helmets designed exclusively for women.

In my selection of helmets below, I’ve chosen helmets that offer feminine designs, a wide variety of colors, and a compact style.

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Women’s Bike Helmets Comparison Table

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Name / Image Style Certification size range Adustment system MIPS
Bern Hudson MIPS
unisex CPSC 1203
CE-EN 1078
52 – 62cm
(20½” – 24½”)
Compass Fit Yes
Giro Trella MIPS
women CPSC 1203 50 – 57cm
(19.75″ – 22.5″)
Roc Loc Yes
Thousand Heritage
Unisex CPSC 1203
CE-EN 1078
ASTM F1492
54 – 62cm
(21¼” – 24½”)
Dial Fit No
Thousand Chapter MIPS
Unisex CPSC 1203
CE-EN 1078
54 – 62cm
(21¼” – 24½”)
Dial Fit Yes
Bell Spark MIPS
women CPSC 1203
CE-EN 1078
50 – 57cm
(19.75″ – 22.5″)
Ergo-Fit Yes
Bollé Messenger
Unisex CPSC 1203
CE-EN 1078
51 – 62cm
(20” – 24½”)
Click-to-Fit™ No
Giro Montara MIPS
women CPSC 1203 51 – 59cm
(20″ – 23¼”)
Roc Loc 5 Yes

Women’s Bike Helmets Comparison Table
Women’s Bike Helmets – What To Look For
+– Ponytail Friendliness
+– Hair styles
+– Safety Certification
Best Bike Helmets For Women
+++1. Bern Hudson MIPS
+++2. Giro Trella MIPS
+++3. Thousand Heritage
+++4. Thousand Chapter
+++5. Bell Spark MIPS
+++6. Bollé Messenger Standard
+++7. Giro Montara MIPS

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Women’s Bike Helmets – What To Look For

If you are into road racing, mountain biking or any other cycling enthusiast type activities, then you most likely already know which type of helmet you are looking for. For everyone else, just choose the one that looks the most stylish and fashionable to you.

When you check out the helmets below, you will either think, “Oh, that looks nice” or, “Oh yuck! I couldn’t go out in public wearing that”. It’s a personal choice. Your choice.

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Ponytail Friendliness

Just as not all women have ponytails, not all helmets made for women are ponytail friendly, and not all ponytail owners are women.

So, never assume that a helmet in the ‘women’s section’ of a store will be ponytail, bun, or braid friendly, or have a hairport or ponytail hole.

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Hair styles.

If you have long hair, you most probably wear your hair in a particular style most of the time. For example, not tied at all and just hanging down; a low ponytail; a high ponytail; braids/plaits; or, a bun.

If that style is how you normally wear your hair, then when you try on your helmet for size, you should have your hair done in that style to be sure of the correct fit.

Hair, both long and short, can and will get caught inside the helmet. It’s not a big deal, but after a while you might be wondering about those hairs inside your helmet. “Oh my God! I’m going bald“.

To avoid this, you can wear a scarf or bandanna over your hair when wearing your helmet. In which case you should wear that when you try on a new helmet.

If you wear a high ponytail, some helmets will allow the ponytail to slip through a hole at the rear just above the size adjusting dial. Low ponytails can easily hang below the size adjuster.

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Safety Certification

All helmets imported or manufactured in the United States, Europe, and Australia must be safety certified for that country’s relevant safety standards. That being, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for the U.S., CE EN 1078 for the U.K. and Europe, and AS/NZS 2063 for Australia.

Safety Certification guarantees that the helmet has been tested to the required standard, including the helmet’s construction, peripheral vision, impact absorption, retention system strength and effectiveness. There will be a label inside the helmet showing the relevant certification.

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Best Bike Helmets For Women

1. Bern Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet

Definitely one of the better looking helmets around at the moment, which is probably why it is the winner of the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award. The Bern Hudson is a great-looking helmet with integrated MIPS for the ultimate head protection.

Sporting Bern’s signature baseball-style brim to shade you from the elements, this urban, commuter style helmet will turn heads no matter where you ride. The brim on the Bern Hudson is actually removable, but why would you want to? (To wash it, of course).

The Bern Hudson MIPS Bike Helmet is available online from Backcountry.

Innovation awards don’t come easy, you need to be innovative. Let’s take a look at some of that innovation, like the micro-USB rechargeable, water resistant, removeable LED at the rear of the helmet for safer riding in low light conditions.

Then there are the vents at the rear of the helmet that have extra reinforcement so that you can safely lock your helmet to your bicycle with a U-lock. That is just two of the 13 well-placed vents that will keep you cool on your commute.

For the perfect fit, the Bern Hudson comes with Bern’s Compass Fit system. Simply turn the dial at the rear of the helmet to obtain a snug, comfortable fit.

This lightweight helmet weighs in at roughly 350 grams (12.3 oz.), and is CPSC and EN1078 certified for cycling, as well as NTA8776, which is the Dutch certification for e-bike helmets

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

2. Giro Trella MIPS Cycling Helmet

Another helmet that’s been specifically designed for women with a modern and stylish look without being overly extravagent. A cloth visor at the front gives it a look that will appear as at home on the city streets as it would on rural trails.

The Giro Trella MIPS Cycling Helmet is available from Amazon.

An in-mold polycarbonate shell fused to an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam liner makes for a sturdy, comfortable and lightweight helmet. For added safety, it also comes with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) built-in. MIPS will provide added protection in the case of an angled impact.

Available in 3 different color options, and one size only – Universal Women’s size (50 – 57cm / 19.75″ – 22.5″). The Roc Loc Sports adjustable fit system can easily customize the fit and tension while allowing room for that ponytail.

Eighteen large air-vents, and quick-dry padding will keep your head cool and comfortable no matter how you choose to ride. The Giro Trella MIPS cycling helmet would have to be one of the most inexpensive helmets with integrated MIPS available today.

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

3. Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

A really neat, no-frills, good all-rounder that looks great on men, women and unisexers too. Thousand helmets have become very popular due to their very simple good looks.

Any helmet manufacturer that gives the consumer an anti-theft and accident replacement guarantee is worth taking notice of.

The Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet is available Online directly from Thousand.

Go ahead and buy it just for the replacement guarantee, but I think I’ll buy it simply because it’s a great looking and stylish helmet. Not only that but it has CPSC and CE EN bicycle certification along with ASTM F1492 certification as a skateboard helmet! What more could you want?

Other features include an easily adjustable Dial-fit system, a one-handed magnetic buckle on vegan leather chin straps. Seven air-vents and three cooling channels will keep your head cool while enjoying your daily commute, a recreational ride or kickflipping your skateboard.

The Thousand Heritage bike helmet seems to work well with long hair, braids or a low ponytail, but a high ponytail may be pushing it a bit. It is available in 3 sizes ranging from 54 – 62cm (21¼” – 24½”).

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

Courtesy of Thousand on Youtube.

4. Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet

The Thousand Chapter MIPS helmet is like an advanced version of the Thousand Heritage helmet, except that the Chapter MIPS is more stylish and has a lower profile look than the Heritage.

The Thousand Chapter has built-in MIPS technology which utilizes a slip-plane system to make the helmet safer in an accident as it reduces the rotational forces on your brain. In addition to MIPS, the Chapter helmet comes with a magnetized 50-lumen tail light that is easily removed and can be attached to your bike with the supplied adaptor.

The Thousand Chapter MIPS Helmet is available Online directly from Thousand.

Another difference between the Heritage and Chapter is that the Thousand Chapter’s brim is removable and interchangeable with the different colored brims that are available from Thousand. You can wear a different colored brim to suit your appearance or mood.

With four vents on top and four at the rear, the internal channeling gives an even airflow to keep your head cool on your ride. At the light weight of 370 grams (Medium size), the CPSC and CE EN certification and stunning good looks you won’t want to ride without your Thousand Chapter MIPS helmet.

Also, standard on Thousand helmets is the PopLock secret hole for securely locking your helmet, as well as the replacement guarantee if your helmet is damaged in an accident.

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

Courtesy Thousand on Youtube.

5. Bell Spark MIPS Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet

The Bell Spark MIPS Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet is a great looking helmet if you’re into Mountain Biking or even if you just like a helmet with a peaked front to shade your eyes and nose.

The Bell Spark MIPS Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet is available from Amazon.

With an improved Ergo-fit system which is integrated with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) you have a more comfortable feel all around. MIPS is a safety feature which is designed to reduce rotational forces resulting from certain impacts.

The fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell bonded to the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner creates a sturdier helmet for your safety. No-Twist Tri-Glides keep the retention chin straps flat and properly positioned, not twisted or tangled.

The Bell Spark MIPS gives you fit, function, safety, and style. It even accommodates a low ponytail quite nicely.

It has 13 large air-vents and is CPSC and CE EN Certified. It is a one-size-fits-all Universal Women’s size (50 – 57cm / 19.75″ – 22.5″), and the Ergo-fit system will adjust accordingly. The Bell Spark is not an expensive helmet, so it’s nice to see another MIPS helmet at a reasonable price point.

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

Courtesy BellBikeHelmets on Youtube.

6. Bollé Messenger Standard Bicycle Helmet

Better known for their snow gear, the Bollé Messenger Standard bicycle helmet is a winner hands-down in the style stakes. Sad to say, but it’s not a women’s only helmet. It’s unisex, but nonetheless, it definitely a good looking helmet.

The Bollé Messenger Standard Bicycle Helmet is available from Amazon.

Described as the perfect helmet for city travel, it comes with a built-in safety LED light and Bollé exclusive safety QR Code. The QR Code stores your identification data and emergency contact with you in case of an accident.

The helmet is equipped with the Bollé Click-to-Fit™ Retention System which will allow you to fine-tune for a perfect fit.

Available in multiple colors, and three sizes ranging from 51 – 62cm.

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Link to How to Know Your Helmet Size

Courtesy Safety QR Code on Youtube.

7. Giro Montara MIPS Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet

It doesn’t really matter that you like the Giro Montara MIPS helmet because it has a nice visor at the front to keep the sun out of your eyes, or whether you’ve decided you want to give mountain biking a try. It’s a neat helmet nonetheless.

The Giro Montara MIPS Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet is available from Amazon.

One of the nice features of the Giro Montara is that it has a camera mount on the top ready and waiting for you to mount your GoPro so you can record your adventures. [Here’s me riding to the river. And here I am arriving at our campsite, . . . ].

Seriously though, it has cutting-edge safety features such as integrated MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) to protect your head in case of an angled impact. It also has roll cage reinforcement to provide extra strength to the helmet for additional safety.

The Giro Montara comes with the Roc Loc 5 Air adjustable retention system to allow you to fine-tune the fit to suit your head size. Inside it has Hydrophilic X-Static Anti-microbial padding to keep your head dry and comfortable. Montara boasts 16 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling for enhanced air-flow.

I am reliably informed that the Giro Montara passes the ponytail test. It works fine with braids, and a high ponytail can pass through above the Roc Loc retention system. Sizes range from 51 – 59cm (20″ – 23¼”) in either a Small or Medium.

The Montara is part of what Giro call their ‘Women’s Series’. Giro describes the Women’s Series as “a diverse collection of helmet styles, fits and prices tailored to the demands of female riders”. The male counterpart to the Montara is the Montaro (with an ‘o’ at the end).

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